Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Greetings from Terri DelCampo

Greetings Writers!  

First of all, yes, it's proper to consider yourself a writer if you devote a chunk of your time to the crafting of stories, journals, books, articles, poems, plays, screenplays, blogs, or whatever.  No matter if you're just starting and have tons to learn, or an internationally known, seasoned professional.  We're all in the club.  It's large. 

In this blog I intend to spout off about whatever's on my mind at the moment concerning writing.  There will be articles in here that are well-researched and very detailed, some that are instructional, some that are emotional.  Yes, emotional.  I get passionate about writing, it's my life.  I get excited about great material, and pissed off about poorly published, poorly edited, or poorly written material.  But when I settle down, I usually try and come up with solutions to problems, and suggestions on how to avoid them in the next project. 

I love sharing tips, news, links, information, and the joy I find in writing.  It will all show up in this blog sooner or later. 

Visit me often!


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