Thursday, July 30, 2015


Write Now: Designate an "Editor's Day"

Reserve one day a week strictly for the business side of writing. 

Chief cook and bottle washer.
When you're a NY Times bestselling author, and you're raking in cabillions, you can afford an assistant and a professional editor.  When you're self-publishing your own magazine online, editing for a small press, journaling, and conducting your own research, you simply change hats…every single day of the week. 

One of the shinier bits of gold from forerunning pioneers:
One of the most useful wisdom nuggets shared by successful writers during the decades I've pursued my own career has to be "Designate an Editor's Day," for all the writing business, proofreading, and loose ends from the week. 

Plan on Editor's Day being busy. 
I have an ongoing Editor Do list with plenty of highlighted items that I jump to first. Editing projects are worked on every single afternoon.  Depending on the length of my fiction stories, sometimes I don't manage to squeeze in the proofreading on the longer ones on the day I write it, so it falls on Editor's Day.

With a lot of projects going at once, ED usually turns out to be the busiest day of my week. 

My basic Editor Do List:
Banking chores (transfers from PayPal to checking, recording my payments into my ledger, checking balances, etc.).
Accept, schedule and return editing projects from and to the press. 
Assign articles/notes/research materials to daily folders within the Write Now Folder, and return research materials from previous week to the main research file. 
Make sure completed articles are moved from the Write Now Folder into the Published folder.
Edit/proofread any articles/stories not finished on assigned day.
Write Life's a Hoot column for Owl's Eye View.
Edit the completed issue of Owl's Eye View and copy onto external hard drive.
Enter the teaser lines on the cover of the completed issue of Owl's Eye View.
Compose OEV and Blog social page blurbs to post multiple times per day through the  month/week.
Update fiction character lists/completion charts.
Update back-up files on external hard drive. 
Read/study articles, texts, and other educational materials. (Currently I'm cramming for Create Space.)  
Query publishers or editors about stories and assignments. (Compose queries, update records of submissions.) (I don't do this very much at present, but I used to and I will again.)
Work on OEV eBook project. 
Key in any hand-written notes or text.  
Order office supplies. 
Load paper into printer.
Program reminders for week into phone. 
Update editing checklists / tutorials
Browse through social pages, Twitter, and news pages to gather story fodder, and keep up with current topics and events of professional interest to me. 

Told you, lots to do on Editor's Day, especially since I've started editing and penning four different blogs in addition to Owl's Eye View and Friday Frights. But having a day every week set aside for strictly the nuts and bolts of writing business, keeps the distractions down to a dull roar during the week when I'm trying to actually create.

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