Thursday, July 30, 2015



Double your productivity by organizing multiple projects.

Wearing two writing hats doubled my writing responsibilities.  For the past five years I've written, edited, and published Owl's Eye Magazine, my dark fiction monthly. In April of last year, I began submitting freelance articles to Yahoo Contributors' Network, virtually doubling my project load. (Now I will be writing them as blogs)

Completing 26 writing projects a month is a challenge. Writing and publishing four dark fiction columns and two short stories per month for OEV, and hopefully twenty non-fiction blogs per month, became a project-organizing puzzle (actually, nightmare) for me. 

While I solved my thousand-ideas-waiting-in-queue puzzle with the Writing Prompt Cookie Jar, I had to devise a way to keep the currently-in-progress projects in order. 

I came up with the Write Now folder.  Inside it are seven folders, one for each day of the week.  Inside of each daily folder, is a current OEV project and a current blog project, which I choose on Sunday, my Editor's Day.

Focus on one project folder each day. Every morning I log onto my computer and open that day's folder to immediately focus on the completion of the single project within it.  My day is done when I click "publish" on the blog website, or paste the column or short story into the OEV blank issue.  

In the past month I've almost doubled my productivity, rather painlessly, by volleying between "BLOG WEEK" and "OEV WEEK":

BLOG Week - Disability Challenge Series
OEV Week - Swooping Through the Years column

BLOG Week - Write Now Series
OEV Week - Swooping Through the Years column

BLOG Week - My Feminist Heroes Series
OEV Week - Visceral Verse or Macabre Mirth column

BLOG Week - General Health/Nutrition article
OEV Week - Short Story #1

BLOG Week - Miscellaneous Topic Article
OEV Week - Short Story #2

Journaling / Memoir Blog / Personal Tribute Articles

Editor's Day - Writing business chores (financial) / Choose and Assign topics to Write Now folders / Edit current issue OEV / Write Life's a Hoot column for OEV (teasers for the issue's stories) / compose OEV and BLOG social page blurbs to post multiple time each day of the week / update "People of Owl's Nest" character lists / update project completion charts / miscellaneous loose ends.  (I'm planning an "Editor's Day" article soon.) 

I modified my Writing Prompt Cookie Jar.  I still write my ideas for stories on slips of paper.  My jar now contains ten envelopes containing idea slips for each day of the OEV or BLOG weeks, and I choose ideas randomly from each envelope on Sunday. 

When I doubled my writing responsibilities, I had to get my act together to meet deadlines, self-imposed or not.  Why?  Because I'm a writer, and that's what writers do. 

They Write Now.

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