Thursday, September 22, 2016


This is what happens when I'm writing along at a good clip, having a productive morning, and suddenly I have to spend 40 minutes trying to research how to fix a glitch in Microsoft Word that the company should have fixed 10 years ago. 
Working on an editing draft of a short story collection.  It is the third and final draft of the book.  As I'm working on the Table of Contents I notice a type.  I correct it and click Control S to save the doc.  Then, when I'm finished the TOC, I click Control S again, an Word won't allow it.  I shudder and look up at the top of the file to see that somewhere along the line Word, without my knowledge or action has changed the rile to read only. 
My read only box is unchecked, which was the first answer I got when I began researching this incredibly frustrating problem.  When I Googled this, I came up with many people perplexed by this same issue:
When using MS Word, after saving a document more than once, suddenly (and the change happens intermittently with no warning) the document becomes "read only" and all of sudden, in order to save the document you have to create a new file. 
When working on several drafts of the same manuscript, this is beyond a nuisance.  I've lost multiple changes in text.  I've had to create new files, and then Word won't allow me to delete the original file because it's read only, or it somehow reads the new file as a duplicate and says it's already running. 
I created the files on my own laptop, never shared them to the internet, nor have I saved them to a disk.  It is saved to my external hard drive at the end of the day, but when I work on the current draft, I work on the one on my desktop. 
I'd like to have a dollar for every time this has happened – moreover, I'd like to have a dollar for every minute of my writing time I've wasted create ridiculous numbers of redundant documents because Microsoft won't even acknowledge the problem exists. 
When I saw how many people were having this problem, and even more infuriating that it apparently appeared all the way back in 2007 (!) I decided to write an article. 
This is inexcusable.  Microsoft charges top dollar for their software – and today you don't buy a disk of the product, you have to spend a crap load of money every year to stay subscribed.  All to receive flawed software that Microsoft has had damned near a decade to fix. 
Take a moment from counting your billions, Microsoft, and fix your product. 

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